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Teevino is a familiar online store, which exists already since 2005.

ChaCult - Tea-Accessoires

Tea-Accessoires, tea sets and tea sets

we predominantly by the company Dethlefsen & Balk from Hamburg.
The company was founded back in 1836.
Initially, it was only traded with tea in all variations.
In the 70s, then making facilities and tea sets were offered .

Cups , mugs, Warmer , Tea-for -one 's and Teapots from ChaCult .

Dethlefsen & Balk of tea from Hamburg

Teevino focuses on the sale of fruit tea and rooibos tea.
D & B has a very long experience in the tea trade and good contacts
to the tea producers .
Each tea is bottled after the order using a calibrated scale and packaged fresh .

Cast Iron Teapots

The cast iron teapots are directly purchased from a German wholesaler .
This guarantees that our cast cans meet all European standards.
Due to the largely manual production , each cast iron teapot a single piece.

Willow Tree

Willow Tree is an almost Spiritual collection of pictorial Schnitzkunstwerken .
Willow Tree figures speak in calm tones a language of salvation,
of comfort and protection.
Willow Tree figures convey a piece of security, especially in our hectic
Western world.
The overarching feeling of love is discussed by the Willow Tree figures
and appreciated.

Pagoda - delicate artistic crafts from India

The idea of Pagoda , it is the colors and beauty of the Orient to Germany
Absolute best sellers are the colorful metal products and the wonderful chests of drawers
dar. ceramic

Mila - Design with a Smile

From the company Mila design from Nuremberg we relate maker and tea sets .
Mila - Design develops its own , cheerful designs time after time .
The children cup of Mila - Design have ideal dimensions to good children
to be used.

New products

Teapot 1 l and 2 cups, sorted 3-fold

Teapot 1 l and 2 cups, sorted 3-fold

19,94 EUR

( 19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )

Cast-Iron-Teapot Senbiki 0.9 l Japan

Cast-Iron-Tea-Pot Senbiki 0.9 l Japan

99,95 EUR

( 19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )

shamila teapot 1.2 l - various colours

shamila teapot 1.2 l - various colours

18,94 EUR

( 19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs )