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Cast-Iron-Teapot Senbiki 0.9 l Japan

Cast-Iron-Teapot Senbiki 0.9 l Japan
Cast-Iron-Teapot Senbiki 0.9 l Japan Cast-Iron-Teapot Senbiki 0.9 l Japan

Premium cast iron teapot 0.9 l Senbiki - Japan

content: 0,9 l

Weight: 2.3 KG

The model Senbiki is an absolute top product.
The desired gold shimmer is achieved through a "finishing process".
Here the gold color is used as the base color, this is covered white in a further step by the color.
The last color is applicable rubbed with a special cloth to the base color slightly emerges.

Japan has a thousand year old tradition in the production of cast iron pots.
She's trackable up in the year 1000 v. Chr.
From all along, Japan has a very high perfectionistic demands on its cast iron teapots.
Of course, this is reflected in the outstanding quality, but reflects (unfortunately) also in the price.

The designing of a blank is a very labor-intensive craftsmanship.
This rule only a few artists.
The skills are traditionally in the known Familienunternehmnen of
Generation to Genaration passed.

For the perfect adjustment and embellishment of the blanks, it usually requires several
Decades of experience.
The blank is placed in a mold box. He is filled with a special molding sand.
During which the cast iron is heated in a shaft furnace at about 1500 degrees.
Now the liquid cast iron is poured into the molding box.
After curing and knocking out of the cured molding sand castings can is treated with a polishing wheel.
Through glass hardening the enamel is evenly distributed inside the iron pot.
This prevents rusting. Finally, the teapots are gutted.
This also serves to avoid rust.
Finally, the handle is fitted with a special pliers.