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Maker and tea sets

Mila-Design Mugs & Pots

Design Mila - with a Smile
With unchangeable character and designed with
great love in detail.
handpainted - food stuff tested - dishwasher resistant

More sub catagories:

Mila Coffee Pot

The big coffee-pots by Mila.
Makes easy fun.

Mila Mug

Beautiful Cups of Mila-Design.
Tender decorated and perfectly worked.

Mila-Design Cereal Bowl

Great Bowls of Mila-Design
Lovingly designed and worked perfectly.

Mila-Design Figures

Our Mila-Figurines are tasteful and beautiful. 
The figurines are usually thematically shaped.

Mila-Design Miscellaneous

Here you will find, among other things, a soft Mila plush pillow.
Or a very well handled Mila Clock.