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Cast iron teapots, coffee making facilities, tea sets

Cast Iron Tea Pots

Our cast iron tea-kettles were imported by us directly from China.

Therefore it is possible for us to offer them to you really inexpensive.

Good, heavy quality with complete interior enamelling and ready for use.
By the manual manufacturing each kettle represents an Unicum.
All kettles are equipped with a suitable continuous filter made of high-grade steel (stainless steel).
Our cast iron tea kettles should not stand permanently by great heat on a hotplate. The enamel inside could be damaged.

These cast-iron tea-kettles are as well very suitable as decorative air-improver for fire-places, chimneys or Swedish ovens.
With water filled they provide for a noticeable
better room air.

Before (first) use: 


Fill up the kettle with cooking water 2-3 times successively.
Also, before the tea-preparation it is advisable to fill up your kettle once.
So the tea keeps wonderful warm for a longer time (benefitted by the material cast iron). 





Because of the contained fruit sourness fruit-tea should
be better served in glass or porcelain teapots.

And now, we wish you much pleasure with our cast iron tea-kettles.














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Cast Iron Teapot

Cast Iron Teapot

Our cast iron teapots are characterized also by good quality and are extremely durable.

Japonais Top th?i?res en fonte - Roji

Japonais Top th?i?res en fonte - Roji

Japan has a thousand year old tradition in the production of cast iron pots.

She's trackable up in the year 1000 before Christus.
From all along, Japan has a very high perfectionistic demands on its cast iron teapots.

Of course, this is reflected in the outstanding quality, but reflects (unfortunately) also in the price.

The procurement market for cast iron teapots in Japan is difficult.
Here on the one hand makes the strong demand of China a role.
Secondly, however, especially the growing interest among young people.

Cast iron teapots Accessories

Cast iron teapots Accessories

Find the perfect accessory, such as cast-coasters and cast-warmer, our cast iron teapots.

From the same excellent quality as the cast iron teapots.
The procurement market for cast iron teapots from time to time more and more difficult.
The reasons for this can be found in the unlimited domestic demand Chinsesen.
But the significant increase in the interest of the young Japanese generation ensures this.
This has led to a price increase of up to 40%, which we do not in this
have passed on scope.