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Care tips - Cast iron teapots

Care instructions for cast iron teapots:

  • Before the first use of the pot should be filled with hot water and washed.
    Repeat this about 3 - times.

  • Then dry off the pot with a soft cloth inside and outside, while it is still warm.
    The pot should be heated only when it is filled.

  • Even before the tea making, it is advisable to fill the pot once with boiling water.
    So your tea will be kept wonderfully warm for a long time. (benefited by the material of cast iron)

  • Our cast iron teapots are enameled inside. This enamel stops at the filling limit.
    Thus, lid and filter lies on the non-enameled lid border.

  • This is after all the case with all these teapots.

  • Therefore, the cast iron teapot should be emptied after each use and dried.


  • Small patches of rust develop, unfortunately, with every cast-iron pot sooner or later.
    This is caused by the nature of the material cast iron.

  • (In China and Japan it is appreciated, that the loosing iron particles of the teapot  are a welcome source of iron for the human body.)

  • Possible rust on the lid border can be removed and protected for the future with a few drops of cooking oil.

  • For cleaning please do not use detregents or abrasive cleaners.
    Only clean with a soft brush/rag and hot water.

  • In case of stains (eg fat), if necessary, a mild detergent can be used.

  • Due to the acids contained in fruit teas, these should better not be prepared in cast iron pots. This could affect the inner enamel over time.

  • Cast iron teapot should not be standing permanently with high heat on a stove.
    Otherwise, the enameled interior could take damage.

And now, have a lot of fun with our cast iron teapots.